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I see.

I was actually thinking of coding something up myself, so I'm just asking some basic questions.

It being slow I don't have a problem with, because the idea is we're trading speed for video integrity. Obviously fast is better than slow if you don't have to trade, but whatever.

I assume dumping into an AVI would be better for the HD and speed than saving individual files?

The one thing I don't get is, why does it have to be tied to the tics? If I'm doing it for GZDoom, there's some code that draws or buffers the frames with openGL. I just need to get those into a file, right?

The trick IMO would be figuring out
1. Which frames to grab to make a 60fps video. You can't just grab all the frames, because the framerate fluctuates. If you grabbed them all and stuck them into a 60fps video, you'd have speed fluctuations, right?

2. Stopping or slowing the game. Saving these frames to a file will undoubtedly take processor time which will mean that, unless you slow or stop the game, you'll get frameskips. So you have to have a way to control the flow of the game.
DOOM runs on tics, and there's 35 tics a second. But GZDoom can render at higher fps. I'm not sure how it all works, but it's key to get GZDoom to advance enough time for 1 frame, save the frame, repeat.

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>archviles basically suck

u w0t m8

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This, a thousand times, this.

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Doom has ALWAYS been popular, and it'll probably stay that way.

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My friend thinks he dances when he walks.

But I agree with you, he's my favorite too, even if I hate them. I still like this guy though.

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Tesla Boy (was Billy Talent)

Fuuuck...so many. Probably this at the moment:


I love Arch-Viles. Yes, I hate their attacks. But they are challenging, and I feel alive when kicking their sorry asses. They are like my rival in any map. My one "Arch-enemy". I did that on purpose. Plus, they are designed so well.

Speed of Doom for an LP. It's fucking hard but I love it.

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