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>David Duke
Overrated IMHO, plus he is ignorant as to the true purpose of Christianity and Islam.
Furthermore, He is a hostile half-kike who got a nose trimming. He is slyly making excuses for the Kikes, claiming "its Zionism that's the problem!"

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Over the lips, through the gums, watch out tummy, here I come!

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There's some trial and error, but you really would get used to the ambushing and traps, you adjust to the mean streak of the game eventually.

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Because the game is a lot harsher and expects a lot out of you.
When the game was being developed, the devs regularly felt that the game was getting too easy, as they kept getting good at it, so they kept upping the ante.
There's also the bug in the original .exe where you actually take more damage on lower difficulties.

In short, Blood is a rather challenging game by design, and a bug actually makes easy mode harder. I think the challenge makes the game really fun, but it takes some getting used to.
A protip when guns starts blazing is to never stop moving, jump run and duck like a madman, it confuses the cultists and they have a hard time hitting you (running from cover to cover also works). You really don't want to be hit, because gunshots hurt like fuck in Blood.

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>genuinely good game
Gameplay wise, I found Shadow Warrior to be kind of bland and uninteresting. Sure, it had some cool stuff going for it, but I just didn't have fun playing it.

Duke Nukem 3D and Blood was so much more fun to play, and had much better humor.

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You know what was an interesting kink about Blood's gameplay?

How smart and conservative you had to be with everything. Of course in all the other FPS during the time, there are moments where you had to be smart with what you got (especially in higher difficulties), but it's like ramped up in Blood, tenfold. Every weapon, every asset you owned had to be utilized in the most respective manner, nothing would truly be obsolete.

I don't even think Caleb was that much of a bullet sponge, compared to Duke or the Doomguy -- can't say much Shadow Warrior, though.

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