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Relatively recent addition I mean.

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This is gonna seem weird but can someone boot up Hexen: DD (the expansion) and load my save attached here and then Noclip through this glitched door and then turn off Noclip then save the game then reupload it back to me lol

I'm playing on a Switch. And console commands don't work, cheats work to enable Noclip but I'm playing on the top difficulty which disables cheats.

I know this is weird but I'd appreciate it.


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quarts flask / crystal vial

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>fighting Slaughtaurs with just the Mace and not enough flechettes

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>no Heretic 3
>no Hexen 3
>no Hecatomb

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I wish Hexen DM wasn't even more dead than Doom DM, it's pretty fun. Playing as the fighter is awesome, he's faster than the other classes and his axe is a one or two hit kill. Little mage bitches always end up on the run from me.

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>mfw I lost my copy
Well is the Playstation version about the same? Director's Cut or Duelshock version?

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>ends the stream by saying there's not as much incentive to play it as modern games because it doesnt have collectibles and upgrades
the absolute zoomer

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>tfw term says your texture use is really cool but notices misaligned texture halfway through speaking

It's still great to see and hear people playing my mapsI will have to post more maps to /vr/ to play

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The world may never know. Instead we got Heretic 2 and Hexen 2 because Activision.

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