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I want to get back to the Gameboy and I'm making a list of all the worthy games (GB/GBC) I should download. Right now my list is :

-Zelda Link's Awakening DX
-Zelda Oracle of Ages
-Zelda Oracles of Seasons
-Donkey Kong Land
-Kirby Dream Land
-Kirby Dream Land 2
-Pokemon Red
-Pokemon Yellow
-Super Mario Land
-Super Mario Land 2
-Wario Land Super Mario Land 3
-Pac Man Special Color edition
-Pokemon Crystal
-Pokemon Pinball
-Super Mario Bros Deluxe
-Tetris DX
-Wario Land 3

Can you help me complete this list ? Also I'll only download the best version for each title, so no need to recommend me Pokemon Gold because I'll play Crystal, same for Zelda Link's Awakening because I'll play the DX version

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To all the GBC guys. What are the best?

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Add the Gameboy Color library, and this becomes a true statement.

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What are some hidden gems for the Game Boy Color? I really love the lightly-shaded color aesthetic

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Speculation thread: What is the likely hood of classic GB games being "colorized" by the community in the future? I dont know anything about GB programming so Is it just more trouble than its worth?

Found this thread and it got me wondering


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