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It's been a while since I've picked up FF7, so I'm thinking about doing a challenge for it. I might start with only using Command Materia, but I'm open to other ideas too.

What kind of challenges do you enjoy taking on to add to your experience? I mean for any game, not just FF7 of course.

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Just finished the game... Why did Cloud seem to recall himself killing Sephiroth in two different ways back in Nibelheim when he was in the lifestream? The second kill he recalled seemed to be especially cartoony with how he flung Sephiroth away like he was nothing.

Was Cloud ever really there at all, even as a helmeted grunt? Was he ever really even a kid in Tifa's home?

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Shouldn't be too hard for someone to come up with something for this.

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Every character is dead except Barret who just goes around swearing at things and beating them up.

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>ff7 is about terrorism

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Who do I use as a magic user after Aeris dies?

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I have never beaten any final fantasy game and I don't care. They all reach a point where the story just fucking drags on and stops being interesting.

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Okay, so, bare with me on this, okay?

I played the PC version of this game, back when it was still fairly new. I got all the way up to the North Crater, where Cloud freaks out, and Sephiroth gets freed, and the Weapons bust out of the earth to wreak havoc. Shit gets real. And then... It crashed. During the FMV where the weapons burst out, the game would freak out and crash, every time. I tried five separate times to get through it, which was hell, because it meant a lot of retreading from the last save point, and nothing worked.

So eventually, I said, "Fuck it," and downloaded a save game off the internet, because I at least wanted to see the ending. The save put me right at the end of the game, right before you go back into the crater to kill Jenova and Seph, missing everything that happened in between. There were no saves available at an earlier point at the time. I looked. And it's been too long and the game is just too massive for me to want to try to play through again.

So, all I want to know is... /vr/, what did I miss?

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This game would have required close to fifty carts on an N64.

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want to download ff7 and emuparadise links are fucked

help me, thx in advance

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