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>(including the recent exclusion from various images that spotlight mods, etc).

This is less because of me hating the mod/Mark's a dickhead (though he's not exactly on my Christmas card list anymore after some of the shit he's said about me) and more because if you want to play Doom then chances are you've already heard of/tried Brutal Doom.
It is, for better and for worse, THE most widely publicized Doom mod out there. It's just redundant to include, especially when there's so many other good gameplay mods that could use some more exposure.

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>Marty and Terminus are known to post here

In fact, I vastly prefer posting here because you guys don't let names or "reputation" get in the way of quality.
I'm not TerminusEst13 here, I'm an anon like everyone else. I'm just a random lad. So if I post something and it isn't cool/isn't fun/doesn't look good, you tell me it isn't. You don't go "oh but it's fine because this is so cool and you won a cacoward!", /vr/ goes "yo, this is shit, and this is why it's shit, you need to fix it".

It's glorious. Nobody's sucking up to me, kissing my ass, or giving me blowjobs just because I threw a lot of particles on a beam. I can actually get legitimate feedback!

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