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So you're saying the definition of RPG changed over time and we have to use your modern definition on our retro gaming board? And classic titles like Wizardry should no longer be considered role playing games and instead include games that have historically never been counted as RPGs?
Warcraft 3 and Heroes of Might and Magic are strategy games unlike Jagged Alliance or Fallout Tactics. They have role-playing elements but they aren't the single dominant part of the gameplay.

Your stats in Fallout Tactics don't just go up, you level up like in other Fallout games under the SPECIAL system. It's not a simple rank system like you may find in some RTS.

Clearly defining a RPG should be difficult, even flat out impossible, but Fallout Tactics being one shouldn't be questioned. It's the same as Fallout with additional combat controls and less overall freedom.

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