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>being this bad at false flagging

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I can't say anything for the missing content but you're a fucking idiot on that second point

You can pick blood color at the beginning of the goddamn game from Green blue and Red.

Try harder.

I even have the american version so check fucking m8. Granted it's a revision but it still counts even if it wasn't in a previous version they added it in and it still means quite a bit.

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Yeah well I have a ZERO TOLERANCE on your mother not sucking my dick.

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Oh Look australia-kun gave up on seeking refuge on /v/ so now he's back to shitpost.

We know it's you, you old fuck. Take your meds.

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Never because i'm not an elitist faglord that thinks pro cred counts for jack shit.

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Does anyone else get triggered when the wrestler's pics don't match up with their models? Like the godfather wearing purple yet wearing fucking green on his model?

I actually went through and corrected alot of the models to match their face pics.

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I find the idea of your existence plain old fucking retarded.

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Atleast you're streaming through steam which is completely non-profit.

So atleast I can't call you a shill.

I'll probably watch since this also proves you're only doing it for fun.

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I honestly don't care as long as she's silent as always.

And as long as her screams of pain aren't annoying since female's voices are higher pitched.

If however DooMGuy does become DooMGirl and she suddenly starts flapping her gums all day, we're gonna have a problem.

Otherwise I couldn't give less of a shit.

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if nothing else, this should teach you to lurk moar

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>Have Brutal DooM.
>Notice new update is out.

>Oh neat!
>Dual wielding. Sounds sweet!
>find out he added a pointless sling thing to the shotgun.
>Lol dick joke it looks like he's masturbating huehuehue.

Dropped, sticking with my current version.

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>I'm anon, I get mad when someone triggers my autism

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Hey guys,
I know we aren't supposed to advertise, but I am playing kingsfield for the first time at
intergalaxyman if anyone is interested.

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>LOD not legit the best JRPG released on PS1

Whatever you say man.

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>this thread

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