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Not him but i think that the kanto region compression is an impressive feature that gold silver and crystal share. It pushes the cartridge hardware at its limits. source:

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If you want to beat ultima weapon too since your levels are still low you could level up 3 of your characters with skills like hp up str up and so on equipped and get 80+ free points in your stats.
I finished the game with zell leon and irvine at 100 spamming limits(most used method i think) and never got stuck even if i have leveled up them badly not exploiting the free stat points, but i had good junctions like ultimas triple meltdown etc...

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I really like Metal Slug 5. In my opinion it has a fair challenge, a well balanced difficulty curve (unlike MS3) and awesome soundtrack.
I mean, i love MS from 1 to 5 and for each one there is a particular characteristic that makes one stand out from the others.
I didn' t play 6 and 7 too much, i don't really like the introduction of character's ability and the new graphical style of those games

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