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>superior musical content
I don't know, it has classics like Bel Air, Gekka, and masterpieces like Syunikiss, but then there's some filler tracks like S-CONSCIOUS that don't really add much, I might prefer Voyage to Merveilles if I had to pick one, but both are good albums.
In terms of musical content, I think nothing beats Bara no Seidou. That album goes beyond anything else Malice Mizer ever did, it's like their testament, their magnum opus.
And lyrically, I'll give the nod to Tetsu, his writing style is more personal and somber than the lyrics by Gackt or Klaha, who were more standard vk band lyrics. Merveilles holds a concept with a story within the album, which is connected to the Bel Air movie, but the same can be said about Tetsu's songs, Kioku to Sora, Seraph and Baroque, are all connected and have a story with different characters.
But I mean, every MM album had a sort of concept behind.

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