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In trying to use minimal custom resources (barring the edited, shitty looking Allied Marines taking place of the AAHW and some textures/posters) I had to figure out a way for [grey] rocky textures using only primarily D1/2 Textures, so this was the only workaround that came to mind (STONE has those odd bars running through it, so I had to resize because of those. Otherwise it wouldn't be so.)

I mean, It's possible a wall killed you, but I've been painstakingly scouring this entire map for issues that I could reasonably resolve.

I'm quite apologetic for being a dick too, but I take my line of "work" very seriously- so when people automatically assume I haven't checked the wiki or any other number of "Is it plugged in/turned on" sort of responses, then yeah, I get a little ticked. Still can't understand code at all though, so that's going to be a bitch come whenever I try to set up some stuff in later projects.

I figure a DRLA mapset will be less likely to be burned out on given it's randomized on a per-spawn basis; I must terribly wonder if there's specific, settable spawners for specific tiers or items in the case of anybody wanting to male DRLA-specific mapsets. Hm.

There's a lot of stuff scrapped for the map, idea wise. I'm probably going to pull out extraneous textures to save on filesize; whilst the posters are probably pretty key to the theme, they're very large images and had to be resized through GZDB and may very well be thrown out.

Stress retaliation, y'know?

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