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All the media says is "Half Life, GZDoom, Slaughtershit"... I just wanna map for God's sake!

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haha fist go thwunk

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are you actually asking for a "30 year old boomer" game?

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Okay guys I've got a semi-finished release for my first map, still some tweaking to do but it's pretty much there. if you want check the readme for more info but right now it's only got proper stuff for Ultra-violence, it's Boom compatible, got some (almost) UVmax demos in the zip file. You can pistol start the maps or play em continuously. remember to like, share, and subscribe.


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I just finished Unloved lads. The first 2/3 of it was great. The last part was god awful with constant slaughter. That shit was not fun at all, I just wanted every encounter to hurry up and be over with. All in all I liked it but due to slaughter I will never play it again.

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I need some motivation to get back into Doom modding after a depression diagnosis.

Any pep talks are appreciated.

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