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Personally I don't think it's the type of movie that can be remade well.

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What are the good emulation options on a mac?

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No... Just not an autist...

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I'm not usually so much of a downer. I've got a good social life. Great wife. Great family. It's just all my social time is spent doing shit other people are interested in. Realistically I just need to cultivate some new hobbies other people are equally interested in. Honestly my wife doesn't mind my gaming habits so long as I still get the important shit done. As long as I don't veg out on it more than 2 nights a week she's cool. We have a couple date nights a week but we enjoy the freedom to pursue our other interests. Honestly our space is the best thing for our relationship. We take turns cooking after work when we don't eat out. There's none of that jealousy nonsense. We're both very family centered. I've got a good life. I may have made it sound way too depressing. I'm having a bout of nostalgia/brew I guess. I wouldn't actually leave this city for vidya lol. Our roots are too strong. :)

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