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Reposting for shits (also because it'd be cool if anyone got some use out of this):
Made some sprites from a 3D model a long time ago, never colored/finished them. Idea was a new boss monster, but since it's clear I'm not going to use them now: here are the base uncolored sprites for anyone who does want them. (shading and animations are there, just no color/polish). Pic related, idle/floating test I did.

link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/e0thh723b862tzk/GimpDemon.zip

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Thanks. It's something I started like... 2 years ago and never finished. It's been bothering me recently.

The original idea was to make it game-res and rig/animated to to be running around a corner . Something big and scary and not typical of a cyberdemon. It'd trip and stumble around the turn then rocket jump itself upright again and continue running toward the camera. But then I got lazy/busy.

Here's something else I never finished:
pic related. zip file is just straight uncolored renders for anyone who wants a base for a monster sprite. The concept was that it'd be a new boss monster. It'd have 2 attacks. One would throw a pattern of fireballs in an arc, and the other would fire a glowing orb that resurrected other monsters (even arch viles). I guess it'd also smack you if you got too close.

But there the are, for whatever anyone wants them for...

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Yeah, but I didn't get very far. I ought to just texture him and render him to get it out of my head, but I have terminal laziness. Doctors say I only have 50-60 more good years left in me...

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Have you tested them in software rendering to see how the lighting changes on them? Might end up looking too brown in some lighting, losing the pinkish flesh coloring.

Doesn't have one yet. It's a short map set I started a while ago, but got sidetracked on. Really I have one mission to finish, then a boss fight...

Planned on making a new boss monster for it (I've posted it's design before, and even some of it's creation), but again: Sidetracked. I might finish the sprites anyway and release those on their own, since I'd have to learn doom scripting to get anywhere with it anyway, and that's a whole 'nother can of worms.

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Level design, yeah. Game design less so.

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Even my cyberrunner sprites don't match doom the closely (they're higher res, and most of the texture work isn't visible at this res anyway).

Pic related was my attempt for matching Doom style. I plan on finishing it someday. I painted over these, but you could do it all in the texture and with minimal painting-over.

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Most of us are still here, but not tripfagging. (I'm spriteguy, don't tell anyone)

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(it's slow)

I wish I had another computer to pop the card into to find out.

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I started this a while back, but it's on the backburner now. Figured I'd show what I had done outside of the irc however.

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