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I did a speedrun of the Saturn version of Exhumed/Powerslave.


It was pretty exciting to be the first to try it on this version and I was able to use things unique to this version to the max. I exploited bomb jumping to the max of its potential for shortcuts, and I also found new unknown tricks like finding a way to use pots explosions and sprites to make higher jumps (even though the game is programmed so that you can't stand on them and if you try, it acts like it's all slippery and you fall back down)

I also compared the different region releases of the game and found some interesting stuff. Luckily for me, the PAL version is the fastest.
Running speed is the same as in the other versions, however timing of some attacks are different, so some guns have a lower firing rate and some enemies attacks are faster. The PAL version also has less items to refill HP to be found in the world. All this makes the PAL version the hardest, but the true reason why it is the fastest is that this version has a couple of exclusive glitches, including one that lets you skip level Canyon of Chaos altogether.

Other than Exhumed, I used to be not too bad at fastrunning Resident Evil 1 and 3. That's until I saw other peoples runs and for some reasons I really hated the abuse of inventory menu screen in RE1.

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