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Most filters are invariably ugly as fuck and makes the assets look shit. This isn't a meme, this is a common opinion, and you're gonna have to just cope with the fact that people think it's hideous.

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gotta post a classic

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>those filters

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I just upgraded to a 4K TV that doesn't have component cable or SCART inputs. What's currently the best way to convert to HDMI without turning everything into a blurry mess? I live in a small apartment so no room for a bulky CRT. I've also tried one of those cheap RCA to HDMI converters, but the quality was awful.

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Looks like there's some sort of weird filter over the interface itself.

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im not the faggot complaining about hitscan and i probably have more hours in this genre than you do melting down on an imageboard over imaginary strawmen

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I first heard Come On Eileen on the yurop version of DDR, called Dancing Stage Fever.
UK is weird.

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I do agree, but the chink OSSC clones are still around $150. If I go that route I might as well just pay the 200 for the "official" one. Which I plan on doing, but when I have a more permanent setup that will hopefully also include CRTs. I'm a few years off from that though.

That's why I need a cheaper setup for now. I want to be able to just put my laptop, ps1 and ps2 in my travel bag and be able to set up self up with nothing but a cheap pc monitor and some cables.
PS2 emulation isn't an option and since I'm lugging that around I might as well use my chipped PS1 as well.

SCART RGB -> HDMI with the box in the OP seems to be the best cheap option to me so far. It renders 240p as 480i so thats kinda shit, but so do all shitty modern displays. It also stretches out the image so the monitor has to support a 4:3 mode, which some cheapo PC monitors don't do I think.

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>no one has posted it yet

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Not with that filtering
The mapping seems fine to me from the one screenshot, I'd have to see it from multiple angles

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not him but smoothing the pixelation into straight edges is the definition of soul vs. soulless

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