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I've been desiring a UltraHDMI mod for years now. The deblur is the feature that I really want. Where is the best place to get the mod done in the USA? The only one I know is BadassConsoles, which is an expensive $200USD, but may be worth it once I save up enough.

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Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 in some ways is even better than No Mercy. Like the rest of the Aki wrestling games, it is great fun with friends.

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Sin & Punishment looked amazing in magazine screenshots and it ended out playing great too. I will join the others here voting on that one.

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I would have said Sin & Punishment, since it impressed me in magazine screenshots, but you already know of that one. So I will say Virtual Pro Wrestling 2, since it has all the customization of Wrestlemania 2000, with the mechanics of No Mercy, plus additional styles like shoot fighting/MMA and chain grapples.

I think the JP version has Mario 64 and Waverace utilize the rumble pak, but I do not know what the US version offers that would be better.

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