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Duality might have been good. It was meant to be Double Aught's first entirely original game after making Marathon: Infinity. Full 3D in 1996, obviously lagging behind Quake but perhaps could have been a competitor to Unreal (more surreal and exotic space environments) with a more story-focused approach.

>there was a skittering of dust in the oblong opening of what might have been a door for whatever creatures had built the ruins, and Nicodeem flicked a pair of silvered specs down over his eyes, blinking as the light polarized and the street sharpened suddenly. it was the poly.
>it never ceased to amaze the junior officer how the poly managed, despite his squat, clumsy legs and huge, bulbous skull, to leap unerringly from stone to stone. Nicodeem reached with a lower hand to the inside pocket where he kept the pistola and slipped long, delicate fingers into the grip. never could be too careful with the thetes, especially the polys_they were unsound, and usually addled in the skull, too. but so far Murgo had been very reliable.
>in the crisp filter of the specs, he could pick out the object for which the effort and money of the last few weeks had been daringly spent, a thin, reinforced, tranparent tube containing no more than two fingers of a pale, yellowish syrup. but if the syrup, when analyzed, proved to be the serum that was proof against the lues plague, and poison against the luetic infestation that had been crawling up from the ruins every night, Nicodeem's promising career in the assembly was secure for all time.

Even had a couple of OST tracks posted for promotion at the time


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