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I'm actually not that familiar with DMC (the only one I played is 4), but some of the early pre-alpha testers say it's similar.
I wouldn't mind going with some extra melee weapons. Already gonna be including the hammer as the chainsaw slot, just need to figure out the BFG and/or Berserk.

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Hey let's steer the topic away from the autistic "bloo bloo people don't like brutal doom bloo bloo it must be a circlejerk".
The last non-first/third-person-shooter game you played now has its own Doom mod, either a TC or in the style of.

How does it play?

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You are the same type of person who throws a shitfit about Sonic saying "now I'll show you" or "here I'll show you" in Brawl.
Cool your jets, drink some tea, and find something else to get mad about.

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