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>Calling out suspected zoomers is one of the few ways this board can be saved.
Are you really naive enough to think people will flee this place because you call them 4chan's latest set of buzzwords?

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>This entire bait

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>I'm mad, but I'm still buying it

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Is this the "these are the games I like and I'll pass it off as if the entirety of /vr/ agrees with me" thread?

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Is stronghold on the edge of chaos good? Is it playable with randoms or do I need to bring some friends over?

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>It's a "remastered" and "official" release for an old classic on Steam
>It uses either a shitty outdated emulator or a really inaccurate 'remake' with a new engine and stuff
>This will be how people experience these old games for the first time
>They will also support the publishers with real money while the original devs get absolutely nothing
Why is this allowed? not even a little bit of effort. Do these people really not give a single fuck? Why are people so ignorant on this issue? why don't they just use free emulators and roms? Why do they need to support these greedy faggots to keep pumping out this trash that makes finding the old actual version even harder?

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Not accurate

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>but the game is good why isn't it popular
What retarded logic is this, there's fucking tons of great games that never became popular, even in the Super Famicom case alone you just need to look at Umihara Kawase. Being good doesn't necessarily equate with being popular with the general crowd, everyone should know this by now

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>Adult normies
>stupid normie self assurance meme
>Normies have this obsessive desire to be normal to the point where they become hyper normal
when's the last time you saw the sun, let alone another human being?

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>repro carts are emulation

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>that was the problem

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I am 98% sure this person is delusional or has some sort of mental problem

Good show, this is gonna be great

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>virtua fighter and outrun
>not genre defining

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>Floating around, waiting for the marine to show up so I can hiss and shoot lightning balls at him
>Suddenly hear some gunfire the next room over
>Oh shit it's show time
>Give him my best hiss and start drifting towards him at a brisk pace
>He starts petting me
What is this bullshit

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>filling a fuckhuge area that the player will never encounter with a texture that's meant for detailing to make a point about mipmaps

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>PS version is best

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>underage millenials

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post a link friend

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>Reading through the OP FAQs to see if there's anything worth learning about
>Go to the bfgfaq site cause why not, even though I know how it works
>(Update 8-15-99: This is now a dead link. You're on your own.)
And then suddenly it became crystal clear why the background and layout of the website were the way they are.

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What in the fuck
Did anon have a stroke?

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How in the world is mailing off a card to someone else to do the installation better than buying a card with it already installed?

If you're going to pull out the "bloat" meme, once you have homebrew access, you can change the installation around to your hearts content. The card that I got came with ~4 MB of FMCB stuff for the multiboot install. I cut this down to ~2 MB of stuff I actually care about. You can also use the one card to make additional installations, I copied it to my three other cards so now I have a bunch of redundancy.

Buying a premade card is 100x better that that dumb suggestion, because you can leverage ebay's great buyer protection if it doesn't work, even if it's just straight up user error on your part. If some random guy on a taiwanese masturbation site "mails it to the wrong address" you're basically shit out of luck. Hell you can even order the ebay card, use it to copy FCMB to your own memory card, and abuse ebay to get a full refund + shipping when you send the original card back.

I feel like I'm on /g/ arguing with arch linux memers.

>but but but you won't know how your system REALLY works unless you stick some fucking tape over some sensors


>forced progressive scan is extremely hit or miss

Hence why I gave an actual, specific list of games that I have gotten to work with this method.

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