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After playing Gunbird 2 I can safely say that Gunbird 1 can go suck a dick, the bullet patterns are just not that fun in comparison.

I still prefer the pirate gang from the 1st one tho.

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Well think about it. I've got some art skills and could totally go for it. It'd be a cool /vr/ project.

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/VR/ HEY!!!!



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What's the game closest to your heart?

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Hey man, these are comfortable as fuck. Lemme recommend ya' some shit. I'm assuming you want something like anime.

Metal slug 3's a game I always go back to. Always seeing how far I can get with one credit. I've gotten as far as the giant red alien spiders in the final stage. Those guys are really tricky to kill, since you're never too sure when they're gonna fall on you and their bouncing ball patterns vary.

Megaman legends is a really comfortable game, I'm replaying it for the second time on my vita. I really dig the overall tone of the game. It's like you're playing an anime and I love that. If you end up liking this give the two sequels a try too.

True love's also cool. If you like dating sim's this is THE dating sim for english only plebs until tokimeki memorial gets translated someday. Lewdness inbound by the way, if that's a problem for you.

Pulseman's rad and is made by the pokemon creators themselves, gamefreak. Check it out. It can be kind of tough your first time around though. So "BE CAREFUL."

Sin and punishment is too cool arcade fun. It's pretty anime too, in an evangelion sense. I recommend it!

Cotton's a neat little shmup by sega about a cute little witch that wants to eat sweets. It's really cute but demands skill, as you can't just quarter-feed your way through the game. Give it a try!

Boogie wings is a really fun quirky shmup. The main gimmick of the game is that you're able to ride a LOT of things. Give it a go, it'll put a smile on your face for sure.

Wonder Project J and J2 have you taking care of a robot boy in the first game, and a robot girl in the second. It's a raising simulator so you have to teach them how to act properly as well as various skills to help them overcome challenges.

Princess maker 2: Speaking of raising simulators, princess maker 2 is THE raising simulator to play if you haven't already. Raise your daughter any which way you choose and see what direction her life will take when shes all grown up.

Have fun!

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It's true. Shows dedication.

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