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>Feedback for gameplay mods with XP systems

To get more mileage out of these mods, a way to give yourself a measurable amount of XP at game start would have usage for those who want to play it with single maps. As is they seem to only go well with megawads.

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Yes, Romero and Carmack (or personalities like theirs) are meant to be together in a fucked-up kind of way.

Both had big egos but they had every right to have them and through them they made some pretty good shit, Romero was a real visionary and shit talker but Carmack was able to get a lot of it working together. People should appreciate that while the tasks are basic now, the programming behind Doom and shit like it was uncharted territory at the time and only the patron saint of programming autism could grind out as much as he did.

In Romero's defence, while I'm sure he did fuck around a lot Carmack would be a pain to work for. Mainly because he's allowed to be such an insane task master as he's not a hypocrite and just expects everybody to be as fastidious as he is.

Scarier still in that at the time of this happening they were all younger than we were.

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