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It exists, but Nintendo doesn't sweat it too hard since it'd be limiting otherwise.
The primary point where it falls apart is Ocarina of Time: It's supposed to be the prequel to ALTTP and works as such for the most part, but the ending has Ganon(dorf) sealed away with only the Triforce of Power when Ganon in ALTTP has the entire thing. Then Wind Waker throws a bigger wrench by exploring the future timeline Link left behind (which, admittedly was already implied by the credits sequence) while Twilight Princess follows from Majora's Mask's events in the past. Leaving no events to properly lead to ALTTP until Nintendo said "Link dies, lmao." Then you get FSA, a game filled with ALTTP references that Nintendo eventually put in the timeline where ALTTP never happens. There's clear continuity between games, but Nintendo's gonna Nintendo.
I'm pretty sure this board has had Zelda timeline discussion before. In the last few months, even.

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