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>mission 2 of thief gold is kicking my ass
>playing without saving on expert for muh tension
>run from a bunch of hammerites when I find a civilian in my way
>probably a guy I released accidentaly
>blackjack him in the back of the head to get him out of my way
>lose the mission
>[x] Don't kill anyone!

did I kill this fucker accidentally?
or if the hammerites kill a civilian does that count as my fault?
what if I lure a zombie to a hammerite? I did that, one dude died and the other smoked the zombie but I didnt lose at that instant

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I really dislike decapitated BJ Blazkowicz from the nu wolfenstein continuity and I dread to think about this "Doom universe" where the bethesda versions of these characters are canon

hope they at least spare Ranger by making him a part of another dimension or some bullshit

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