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>Super DragonBall Z
Isn't Tenkaichi 3 always the most favorite one of the 3D era?
Anyway, as far as DBZ fighting games go, I'd rather play Hyper Dimension, Butoden 2 or Butoden 3 any day, not a big fan of the 3D ones.
Also you're missing a lot of licensed games that are amazing, what about Mitsume ga tooru or Go Go Ackman?

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DBZ Legends is good, but there's many other good retro DBZ games, namely Super Butoden 2.

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As far as I know there's no way to avoid killing Cell, or Goku dying, that's gonna happen no matter what, the only differences I recall were either Cell spawned the Cell Jr. or not (if you lose the first fight), or if Gohan uses the one-handed KKH with Goku's spirit besides him (if you lose the 2nd fight). So basically, if you win the battles, you go into an alternate way that isn't canon. No Cell Jr., and no super KKH to kill Cell.
I believe nothing on the Cell Game affects the rest of the game, but on the 2nd chapter, winning or losing battles determines whether you fight Broly or not (or Goku as the real final boss)

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I disagree.
Some were bad, but Super Butoden 2 is still a classic that can be enjoyed perfectly. Butoden 3 and Buyu Retsuden are also fine Butoden games.
Hyper Dimension is also pretty good, maybe more on the graphics side as I don't think gameplay was as good as Butoden, but still a serviceable fighting game.
About the 6th gen games onwards, I wasn't a big fan of the "cel shaded" style of 3D graphics in them, but some were good... still Super Butoden 2 remains my favorite DBZ fighting game.
But if you don't like them that's okay, this thread is for people who like and play this game, or other retro DBZ games.

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