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Did Capcom know what they'd do to me by creating the ideal retro back in '93?

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No /l/ because it's illegal.

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Just keep playing. I think one of the better ports is on the CP Changer console. However, I still want that one for the Dreamcast, but it is so expensive even though it is one of the bad ports no one likes.

My favorite is Cammy, but I main charge characters like Guile, Vega/M.Bison, Balrog/Vega, M.Bison/Balrog, E.Honda, but I do well with Ken/Ryu and Dhalsim as well. Fondest memory was going to a tournament but I was very young, and I should have entered the youth tournament as it was handled quickly, but I opted for the general admission tournament because my mentality was "I came here to win it all" but I was not knocked out of winners bracket but my mother was getting super tired and I had to go around the semi-finals because it was already around 2AM. I distinctly remember one of the tournament organizers saying "you're doing pretty well" and I couldn't help but think "I expected to." Mind you, I live in the middle of nowhere in the USA, so there was not much competition in those days.

I come from a different direction into fighting games. One where I just moved up with similarly skilled (or more like lack of skilled) players. However, from the same circle, improvement naturally happened and everyone gets brought up. I still get mad when I lose, and I was at one point a player of mid-tier characters, and my only counter was to use the top-tier characters to overcome better players, but my personality (evil characters) and comfort was still always with the mid-tier characters.

Here are my struggles (I'm on P2):

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The wild ride never ends.

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I can't pick just one ... great ones so far on this thread.

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