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Besides Sin & Punishment? Virtual Pro Wrestling 2. Even if you’re not a wrestling fan, I think you would like it. There are no complex inputs or ideas. It’s very simple. Your fighting spirit meter start out at green. The more moves you do, the higher the meter goes. Once it’s high enough, you can do your special finishing move. The dynamics of the spirit meter make the game. It’s obviously very reminiscent of pro wrestling: a wrestler performs well, the opponent makes a comeback and he’s back at square one. That’s how the meter translates that experience. One move from the opponent can fuck up your momentum and gain on you. The amount of moves and move options in the game are incredible, but nowhere near daunting for anyone unfamiliar. Now if you were a casual fan of 90’s wrestling, you may recognize some names despite most of the roster being Japanese. Vader, Andre the Giant, Kamala, Ultimo Dragon and even MMA/boxing legends like Rickson Gracie and Muhammad Ali are in it. The game also has an MMA mode, which is similar enough to the wrestling, but you can set your own rules, if you’re into that. I shill this game any chance I get. It’s great and simple, but a lot of depth.

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Any VPW2 fans here? I finally got around to playing it. Why’s it so hard? All those shooter wrestlers destroy me.

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Any wrasslin' fans here play those Wrestling games from AKI to LJN?

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>tfw kicking ass with Vader

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I did a bad job of explaining that, the grapple melee combos like this


They got rid of these in the WWF AKI games but they are in VPW2

If you've never played VPW2 and love the AKI games you're missing out, I think they were the pinnacle

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Are we really going to argue about which one of these magnificent games were the best?

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