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>large, interconnected world design with unlockable shortcuts linking back to areas you've already explored
>various shops and merchants both in towns and out in the wild that sell you goods
>items with varying uses that you map to directional buttons
>3rd person sword and board combat with lock-on targeting feature and various types of slices/stabs/rolls, etc.

Did Ocarina of Time actually pioneer the Dark Souls-like genre? I see a lot of similarities between them.

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Nothing like OoT? LOL. Show me another game that BotW is LIKE then.

The reason it's a modern day OoT is because it encapsulates all or most of the elements that OoT pioneered. Let's take just the most basal one. Something even you can understand - the geographical foreshadowing. OoT was the first game in history to do this and it's a huge part of BotW. Choosing where you want to go based on sight-seeing. Other games have tried this, but no game has ever really done it well. BotW looks like no other game. It's not obstructed by giant hills, buildings, or empty flatland. There's always something to see. Just like OoT had in its heyday, because it's the only Zelda and probably video game that is procedurally-loaded every other place you go.

Wind Waker>> the islands are too far apart to see.
Twilight Princess>> too land-locked to navigate by sight.
Skyward Sword>> islands are too tiny, and the gameplay mechanic too restrictive.
Breath of the Wild>> a return to OoT basics, in the idea of one seamless uniform world.

BotW is what OoT would be if the N64 had been a little more powerful.

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Favorite Temple music?
#1 - Forest Temple

followed by

Fire Temple
Sprit Temple
Water Temple
Shadow Temple

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In all honesty, I think that the only thing keeping it up these days is 90's kids unending nostalgia for it. While I was alive for it's release, I honestly didn't give two shits about the N64 back then, all we had around here was a PC. (Voodoo 5500 pentium 2, about 200 times more advanced than N64). The game is tossed around on websites and forums by millennial who's first console was probably a hand me down N64 in the early 2000's, so I'm wondering is all the love real?

Anyways, more recently when I got into retro gaming, I decided to give it a try, promised the gaming experience of a lifetime for it's 10/10 gameplay, story, music, BLAH BLAH. The game was boring. I just couldn't get into it, or it's gameplay style. Who likes running across an open field back and forth, back and forth to get a sword? I mean, is that what people consider fun? And the dungeons and some items which are not intuitive in the slightest? The great music? Yeah, if shitty compressed midi qualifies as good music then maybe

I fucking love ALTTP, infact it's my favorite game of all time, and I managed to beat it without a guide. I don't know, maybe it's that I just don't have 3D sensibilities. One way or the other, I honestly think that the absolute only thing keeping it on such a pedestal is nostalgia, as someone who played it for the first time much, much later

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Let us see where the majority went;

Did you go for the Fire temple or the Forest temple first when you became an adult in Ocarina of Time?
I went for the Fire temple first, don't really know why as I was 8 at the time.

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Did thou get the girl, or play like one?


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Is it still worth getting a hold of the original cart?

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I have yet to try out Majora's Mask, the only Zelda game that looks interesting. Ocarina of Time never took off, and I didn't like the world, so I didn't bother.

Love Crash Bandicoot, though. No nonsense platformer with great visuals and audio.

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