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The card collecting game is actually worth completing if you're an Eva fan.
The visual novel game you're probably thinking of is Iron Maiden, but that was originally a PC game, then ported (and censored) on PS1 and Saturn.
Then there's the very first Eva video game (simply called NGE also known as "First Impression") on Saturn, from 1996, and a sequel called Second Impression that basically makes what >>8959140 says. It introduces new plot elements within the original series, a new character (Mayumi) and new angels.
Iron Maiden also does this but since it was made in Gainax in-house, it's more faithful to the original series, has higher production values and there's no new angels (that would disrupt the original script of the series), instead it focus more on the human drama between Nerv and other paramilitary groups.
Anyway, First and Second Impression for Saturn have some RPG battle elements to them but it's not the best there is, still a neat curiosity. Then Saturn also got ports of the PC mahjong games (Shinji and good friends, with characters from Nadia, Gunbuster, etc).
IMO the best Eva game is the N64 one, it's the one that feels the most like a proper "Eva: the video game", with pick up and play arcade style gameplay and a great faithfulness to the series.

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-"You are like a mother to us"
-"Oh, but it's not Adam, it's.... Dural?"
-"Ah, perfect."

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you ran this through google translate, didn't you?
>it skips some evangelion chapters such as the angel in the form of a ball
Yeah, it doesn't have all the angel battles, but Leliel (the ball zebra angel) appears in the training/simulation mode.
>if the game is also based in another dimension
It's probably the most faithful game in regards to events of the original series/EoE, except that you can have some different outcomes depending on how you play (e.g., you can defeat Sachiel without going berserk, or defeat Zeruel without losing Eva-01's arm, etc), probably the biggest change is the ending, where Shinji and Asuka are on the beach, but instead of the choking, it's a happy/romantic ending, albeit in the fucked up post-3rd impact world

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In preparation for 3.0+1.0 in a week, let's have a good ol' retro Eva vidya thread.

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one of the 4-koma strips exclusive to this game.

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And here, Kaworu is playing Virtua Fighter 2, he mistakes Dural for Adam.

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And this one is a parody of the scene of Kaworu finding Lilith but mistaken it for Adam, calling it a mother to him.
But here, we're shown he's actually playing Virtua Fighter, and instead of saying "oh... it's Lilith", like in the series, he realizes it's Dural.
Rei says he won by getting a Perfect.

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