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I heard he has this weird obsession with wandering all around the houses he visited... I once invited him over for dinner, told him I had called some friends to come over too. as they kept coming he became increasingly and visibly more nervous. he kept running from bathroom to the hallway, from garage to the front door and back at random intervals, as if looking for something. it piqued my curiosity to say the least. once he seemed to have stopped whatever it is that he was doing, I walked up to him and asked if everything was alright.

he replied with something like
>'three fourths of the friends you called have already eaten somewhere'.
just as I was asking what he had meant by that, he pulled up this weird scroll from his back pocket. he glanced at it really quickly, but I could make out what it was... it seemed like an ancient blueprint of my own house from a top down view. he put it away casually and headed straight for the door.

that was one of the weirdest gatherings I ever had. generally speaking. one guy wouldn't stop humping my walls with his pants all the way down, other one would pester me about whether or not did I have, I don't know, bubblegum or something. other guy would just jump frantically on top of the sofa going
repeatedly. he was wearing a helmet too so I took it as a sign to not say anything rude to him about it.

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