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Thanks for trying it out. I've started on Monday, though I put a lot of my free time into it, I'm guessing around 25-30 hours, the statue was maybe 10-20 minutes. I've also upgraded the map since that post, mainly with better lighting. I've emailed the final version to the project email, I've also uploaded it here:
> https://files.catbox.moe/15l3mr.zip
As for your crits, I've intended the pillars in the shambler's arena to be the cover for player; I don't think it makes the fight much more fun than peeking the corner, but then I think it's hard to make a good shambler fight. It's the same deal with archviles, for the same reasons.
The yellow armor one is both the most basic and worst secret idea I had; you're supposed to grenade jump up there. That's why there is a megahealth there too.
The secret in the pit might be equally awful now that I think of it. One of the walls there is non-solid.
Other secrets are a more classic deal. In the newest version there is something even better than that statue in one of the secrets.
Pic related is my attempt at "speedrunning" it.

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