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4th gen systems overall have better looking 2D games than 5th gen systems.
The giant floating skulls on SOTN don't look as good as pic related.
Of course there's arcade ports like Vampire Savior on Saturn that look phenomenal, though.
Also, Wonder Project J2 on N64 have really charming 2D graphics too, but overall, 2D on 5th gen systems always have this sort of "flat polygons with texture" feel, you can notice it heavily in games like, for example, Strider 2, or Psychic Killer Taromaru. It doesn't look organic as they do in 4th gen systems.

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>It’s never difficult until you encounter some 1-hit death raps
I'd say there's more than just the insta kill traps. Personally, the part with the floating eyeball enemies and the merman spitting water at you on the submerged city gave me a lot more troubles than anything on Bloodlines. Now I know that I need to keep the cross subweapon to go through that part more easily, but my first times playing the game those eyeballs were a nightmare.
>It’s also ugly
I guess to each their own, but this is an unpopular opinion.
>and there’s not a single interesting or fun boss fight.
There's interesting boss fights, the problem is that they die too quickly. They should have been a bit more damage spongy, at least some of them, like the knight on stage 7. It's a fun fight, and the knight is a tough opponent. The problem is that you can just tank the damage and kill him quickly.
>I think the Hydra is the only truly good looking boss the whole game
You mean spritework? Most of them look pretty good I think. Pic related is probably the best looking one. Not even the giant floating skulls on SOTN look as good as this.

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The 4th gen Castlevanias are among my favorites as far as 2D goes. Such artistry.

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Castlevania, Ninja Gaiden, Shinobi, Splatterhouse

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Must be your impression, as for the fog breath from the skull, sometimes he does it, sometimes he doesn't. He still definitely does the attack in the US version as well.

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Because it was a passion project made by people who love video games.

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Super Castlevania IV

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Castlevania IV, Rondo and SOTN are my holy trinity of best looking vidya.

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>I don't like how the fireballs and hearts look, therefore the graphics in this game are shit

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IV, Bloodlines, SOTN

Honestly, this guy Australia-kun hating IV actually made me appreciate IV a lot more, I went and replayed it again after years and damn, it's amazing.
The 2nd loop adds nice difficulty to it, too. Worth checking it for those who think it's "2 ez"

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I dunno, guys like pic related look as good as many of the stuff on Rondo, maybe even better, also details like the real time damage on the wall when he attacks with the poisonous gas and the transparencies, etc.
I think you're exaggerating a bit, I don't see IV as being "clunky as shit". Although it's true IV has maybe better sprite detail, and Rondo/Bloodlines have more animation frames, but the difference is not staggering, all 16-bit CV are pretty good and even, I think. This war is a bit absurd.

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