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I have a question /doom/. What do you think of monster interpolation in Doom sourceports?

If you don't know what that is - the AI of monsters in Doom moves at 35 fps, like the original game. Even if you have the framerate unlocked. Some sourceports offer to interpolate the movement, so that they predict where the monster is going to step next and play it smoothly at 60fps. So, do you play with that interpolation on or off? And why?

If you're not certain what I'm talking about, you can check it for yourself in GZDoom. The cvar is "nomonsterinterpolation". Obviously, "nomonsterinterpolation=false" means "You're playing with interpolation", and "nomonsterinterpolation=true" means "You're playing without interpolation"

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What are your favorite MIDI-adding mods for GZDoom?

I'm talking things like Term's "Now that's what I call MIDI" and that old Jimmy's Jukebox.

Is there better ones? Which one do you recommend? Ideally loaded with as much 80's/90's industrial/rock/metal/goth stuff. Or even other specialties like just retro game music, etc.

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