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Ninja Warriors Again and Ninja Saviors are best

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I play difficult, coordination-heavy arcade games and sometimes do notably better while drunk. I think nerves hold me back more than "skill" and being wasted makes me worry less.

I was so drunk the first time I cleared Ninja Saviors on Hard I had to check the next day to make sure I didn't dream it.

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They way overdid the risk/reward of the chaining, it's my least favorite thing about the game. I only play on stage select and haven't even attempted arcade mode.. it seems way too aggravating

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It's got a fuckton hidden gems, some anons here have done a good job so far but here's a few offbeat picks of mine:

>Wild Guns (awesome gallery shooter)
>Soul Blazer ( top down action RPG about restoring the world)
>The Ninja Warriors (badass sidescroller beat'em up)
>GS Mikami (easy-ish Castlevania clone starring a hot anime chick, music by the Castlevania 1 lady, short and fun)
>Goof Troop (Co-op Zelda ripoff by Shinji Mikami that has no business being this fun, play it with a bud)
>Doremi Fantasy (cutesy platformer with great art direction and a really unique OST)
>Pop'n Twinbee (slow shmup with some great art, music and fun moves, also 2 player co-op, MAP THE PUNCH TO A SHOULDER BUTTON IN THE OPTIONS SCREEN, thank me later)
>Parodius (surprisingly good arcade port, has an extra level, pretty hard)
>Hagane (Like Shinobi on the SNES, but even harder, fun but really fucking hard)
>King of Demons (Castlevania with a gun and some real weird shit in it, one of the most fucked up SNES games)

Also if you want more 16 bit goodness look into the PC Engine if you can too, that one has lots of fin games. Have fun anon.

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imagine believing that viruses cause diseases

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My motivation came from having almost no motivation for anything else, having a colossal backlog and always enjoying listening to game music after I beat them. It feels indescribably good to remember how it felt to play those parts.

Kunoichi's fun to use and a hottie but she's only my second favorite, Ninja's my man. His throws are fun as fuck to mess around with, you get those aoe nunchucks and even a Wario-like shoulder barge that makes grappling larger enemies easier. So much fun. Kamaitachi's fine but he's gotta be my least favorite, he enables button mashing the most out of the three and after playing with the other two, his throws feel really underwhelming, meh.

Also, Paper Mario is probably one of the easiest RPGs ever but if you don't mind that and kinf of kiddy setting, it can be a really fun world to explore, dialogue has a lot of love behind and it features the best version of Princess Peach in any Mario game. Combat system was great, of course, I recommend you to favor upgrading badge points, you'll have more fun this way.

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>Beat Em Up games are shit
Try Ninja Warriors, my dude.

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>Ninja Spirit
>Ninja Gaiden 1
>Return of Shinobi
>Shinobi 3
>Ninja Warriors
>Goemon I guess even if he's a thief

Forget which one's better, today I realized I have an affinity for games starring ninjas. I love those games so fucking much, you can't go wrong with any of them, do your duty and recommend them to people who want into retro games.

Like this thread has made me want to try out the Tenchu franchise for instance.

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I do way better with raiden. What I do is abuse throws to let you turn quick. Grab enemies, throw them all to one side, then smash em up. His turret mode destroys bosses

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