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Actually, DVD is fine too. But only if it's the original japanese R2 ones.
The same way retro video games are meant to be played on SD displays, the same could be said about older video that was made with SD displays in mind, and at 4:3 ratio (unless it's a feature film, but TV series is 4:3, even some movies also originally used 4:3 due to animation studios reusing TV animation cells for films, then they cropped the image themselves to fit the wider aspect ratio for theatrical film).
The "2 episodes per tape" was faithful to how the original japanese releases were, with each "Genesis" (01, 02, etc) release containing only 2 episodes, on LD and VHS. Then when DVDs in Japan were released, it was 4 episodes per disc.
But yeah buying Evangelion on video was expensive back then. Buying anime in general was expensive, but I also have memories of Evangelion tapes being more expensive than the rest. Gotta say though, the quality of those ADV VHSs is great, it looks actually better than the DVDs ADV releases, which have a somewhat grainy image. I'm talking about the original ADV DVDs, the 1st press of them, not the Renewal or whatever. The ADV VHSs with 2 episodes per tape look and sound fantastic.
A curiosity about the way Evangelion was released on video originally is that Japanese people had to wait a while before they could actually buy any Genesis past Genesis:10 (episodes 19 and 20), Gainax/King Records stopped released the home video tapes/LDs, and it wasn't until 1998 or so that they continued with Genesis 11, 12, 13 and 14, after the movies were out. So, because of that, Japanese people only got the home video editions that are the "director's cuts" of episodes 21 to 24, not the original TV broadcast versions, but we westerners did get them, ADV got to release all 26 episodes on VHS in the late 90s, and they just went with the original TV broadcasts, since Gainax hadn't released the director's cuts yet.

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