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Honestly, you could skip the blank and all that with modern developments, you can make rifle grenades which feature bullet traps, letting you launch them with live ammunition.

Conceivably, you could have a setup where this hits a percussion cap that starts off a solid propellant on some kind of self-propelling grenade.
The issue is that rifle grenades already have sort of mediocre/poor accuracy, and this would probably have pretty damn shit accuracy, akin to a Gyrojet, where if there's even the slightest pust of wind when you shoot it'll upset your trajectory very aggressively. You could have some kind of starting charge I suppose, but you'd still have poor inherent accuracy.

The big idea about rifle grenades is that you can have a regular rifleman launch a long range grenade when needed, without carrying a separate launcher, which was extremely appealing in the 1940's, but with more modern ballistic grenades with dedicated launchers (which could be fitted as accessory onto an infantry rifle), you get so much better accuracy, and so much faster loading it practically makes rifle grenades obsolete.

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