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>Vectrex launched the analog stick.
Incorrect. 1292 Advanced Programmable Video System had it in 1976. The Atari 5200 also had one and it launched the same month the Vectrex did. Although the Vectrex was a better one.

>NES was not the first to have a d-pad.
It was the first home console it have a D-pad. The Game and Watch had one before it but they were portable.I covered this.

>The expansion slots weren't "cribbed" from the N64 controller.
In the end though none of that stuff was put into the 3D controller. I'm sure if you were just talking about stuff that never left R&D everyone invented everything 10 years before anyone else.

>Microsoft was highly influenced by their sidewinder controllers, which you failed to mention.
Which were influenced by console controllers. The original Sidewinder gamepads looked like late Genesis and Saturn gamepad knock offs. I think the original Xbox controller has more genes in it from Sega than from Microsoft's PC peripheral division.

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