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I think it doesn’t come up much because it didn’t sell very well over here. Something like a 2 million units, and that number may be a bit high, the last few years of its life it was basically mail order only. Plus, people love a good SNES be Genesis fight. But the PC Engine really wasn’t in the same league. I don’t have any Genesis vs TurboGrafx 16 images, but I can tell you what most of them would be like the one you posted. Single screen games where the TG16 is showing more color, vertical scrolling shooters that don’t have any background parallax scrolling of animation, or comparing an CD title to a Genesis launch title. We had one nutty guy on /vr/ awhile ago that was convinced that the Arcade CD NEO•GEO ports were 100% arcade perfect. But not a lot of people are championing the PC Engine around here. You have the full HuCard library now, have you gone through much of it? It’s VERY 8-bit. Not a single title as good as even Sonic 1 or ActRaiser.

Wait. I kinda have a comparison photo. Look on the right. See that game listed? Revenge of Shinobi? There is not one single game in the entire NEC library, from the original white PC Engine, to the last Arcade CD titles that is good as that game. And that’s not even the Genesis’s best game! So, yeah. That’s why it’s generally left out of the “console wars”.

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>the PCE is 4th gen because it spent most of its life competing against Nintendo's and Sega's consoles that were released in the same time frame

This. Early genesis went head to head with the turbografx for market share, and later on went head to head with the SNES. Those three consoles were the core players in 4th Gen, and it doesn't matter what CPU they used.

All 4th gen consoles competed with the NES because of generation overlap. Despite being obsolete the NES games were still coming out as late as 1994.

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