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Newbie to Hideous Destructor here. I was watching Eric's recent videos playing through E1M1, M2, and M3 again, and I had a few questions, was hoping anons here could enlighten me

>Why does he never pick up or start with the blue armor? Is it a self inflicted handicap to make it more interesting, is it because the enemies in E1 aren't so threatening to warrant the heavier blue armor, or some other reason?
>Why does he start with the semi version of the ZM66, but then ditches it in favor of a regular ZM66 with a grenade launcher and firemodes? Is it just an opportunity grab because he looted a big supply of rocket grenades? But if so, why not just start with one in your loadout? Was this also a self-handicap to make it more challenging?

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I know but fuck

I am having one hell of a time finding it

This is harder then finding a model one sega CD service manual

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