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It feels nice to finally reach a version of a mod you can call final. It's satisfying to be honest. Granted there will probably still be balance patches and the occasional new content update, but having something you can call final is always useful for helping ease the mind from having to maintain the mod constantly. We can all reach that point if we try hard enough, and it will always feel good to be able to take off your mind from whatever youre working on. Besides, getting to a point where you can only start adding more useless junk, unneeded stuff and bloating the mod itself is unhealthy, in my opinion atleast.

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>Run colorful hell
>Aquire wedding dress
>Marry black/white monster
>cook popcorn

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i think ive only got two

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I dislike Brutal Doom for changing the actual gameplay formula of Doom. I dont care for the reloading, the ironsights aiming, the fatalities, or the AI space marines. I like the gore, I'm indifferent to the changed weapon sprites. Overall, I think it's too hyped for it's own good, and I don't bother with it.

Is that contrarian enough for you

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Hey is there a GZDoom build that has framebuffer dumps?

I'd like to be able to record a demo, run the demo, and dump all the frames and get a perfect avi video out of it.

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Because we're cool

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