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>you can't do anything about the washed-out or blurry low-res textures and low-bitrate sound N64 games often ended up saddled with.
Absolute bullshit. N64 was actually capable of producing better texture quality than either the PS1 or Saturn. Good luck getting anything like pic related on PS1/Sat, some of the better N64 games rivaled early DC/PS2 titles because the N64 was 3x more powerful than both of the other consoles. Don't confuse the graphics in your average shovelware game with what a console can produce given talented devs. Also, the "low-bitrate sound" was the resulting of having no dedicated sound chip, but that also meant that devs could actually produce BETTER sound quality on N64 than either Saturn or PS1 if they were willing to sacrifice processing power to do it.

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To be fair Rare did have a higher IQ than other developers.

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>N64 could only have bad textures meme
not when the developers knew how to code

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>I strongly dislike blurred textures look that every N64 game has
All of them? Or just the games you cherrypicked?

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