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Is the market finally declining? It seems the usual YouTube stuff is stagnating and retro games aren't as relevant. Is this the retro habbening?

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What I have so far about /gif/.wad (as expected, just ideas so far)

-You arrive at an open field, you seem to come from a teleporter
-First thing you need to do is to retrieve a key that opens the path to whenever the entrance to /gif/ is, and you must retrieve it from /wsg/
-/wsg/ is basically a cave, everyone lives in there and they're still disgusted and resentful about being banished from their former home
-They basically ask you to beat the fuck out of everything inside /gif/ and nuke the place

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So you guys play a lot of games and i'm sure you also imagined to make games yourself.
Well i do, and after a lot of crappy prototypes, i think i might made something with potential - the problem here is - i suck at drawing and animating.
Is any of you here interested in making games, especially animating or even just brainstorming about new features?
What i have by now is some engine for a run'n'gun game, as contra is fucking awesome.

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Is quality ps1 emulation possible on a hacked Wii? I'm really wanting to play Symphony of the Night through a TV and using WiiSX is slow as balls. Is there anything better?
Also through some emulators the opening cutscene in SotN has no sound?

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