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Can someone list the differences between the american/pal/japanese version of the game?

Most of the time the Japanese versions were easier during that period but I can't find a list of the changes online and I heard it is in fact easier, but don't know what changed. In the case of CV3 it makes the game more fair by having less enemies in some bitch spots and adds a checkpoint before Dracula (also better ost). I would have played the japanese version but I like the writing in Quintet games.

I'm now playing the US version and it's hard as balls but I'm liking it very much. This type of gameplay scratch the castlevania itch the good way. Loving the graphics and epic soundtrack.

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this game was a mistake

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Discuss this amazing SNES game that gets a lot of hate from gamers all around the globe. It sucks compared to ActRaiser 2 but still an amazing side scroller that will drive you insane on hard mode.

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