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(sorry about texture filtering.)


I have played through the entirety of scythe 2 using version 0.9.9. It was gloriously fun. Here are some comments:

* I did not use the sword throw or most blaster (weapon 2) functions at all, since I wanted to maximize hand-to-hand gameplay.

* That said, as levels got more difficult, I started relying on the hammer subweapon and also the powered up weapon 2 subweapon/submode that spams tons of little red balls.

* By far the hardest moment was map 28, when a bunch of the pain elementals were released. Such a vast quantity of these guys makes the section almost unplayable, I had to save it right before this segment and repeat it a few times, feeling like a huge loser.

* Incidentally the hardest enemy was the red flying barons (not part of GMOTA, but perhaps still an interesting point). Their damage output is high, their attacks are fast (strafe-killing cyberdemon with sword is much easier), and my insistence upon hand-to-hand weapons ... was problematic.

* I like that the hammer subweapon has a close range mode. I'd alternate close attacks between sword and hammer based on the situation.

* The powered-up hammer subweapon (particular when thrown, tranforming into the massive hammer) is one of the most satisfying things I've experienced in a video game.

* My favorite strategy is still to grapple things close and use them as living shields. The momentary grapple stun makes this possible.

GMOTA is awesome and I love you.

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