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>in 1998, the gothic and art rock band Malice Mizer released a single titled "Gekka no YasĂ´kyoku", named after the original japanese title of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Is this true? Was there any relation between Konami and this band?

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The fresh prince of Bel-Mont

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You got into it thanks to this thread, or you already knew about them gramps?

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>SNK will never make a King of Visual Fighters

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good old "no nose" visual kei contrast.

Also, Mana DID compose music for Castlevania... but not for one of the games, he just composed a promotional fucking ringtone for Harmony of Dissonance. The ringtone was called "La nuit blanche" and probably we will never get to listen to it unless some japanese person still has a keitai from 2002 with the ringtone in it and somehow rips it and uploads to the internet.

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I prefer Gackt when he was in Malice Mizer desu

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