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I can roll with that

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I'll limit them to about 100 or so, too, so people hosting online don't get their servers wrecked.

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>telefragging the boss
>not shooting it until the game crashed

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>then maybe we'll finally have a plot that does the FPS genre justice.

That's one of the things I really loved about Doom. God damn, Tom Hall's vision was pretty much perfect in every single way. It really felt like you were there in the action, feeling the anxiety, feeling the anguish, and then came the plot twists one after the other.
Doom II had better level design, but it just wasn't the same without Hall's writing at the helm.

At least it gave us this guy, though. Best personality for an ally NPC in gaming yet.

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I see. Right now it feels like I am a shit boyfriend, and I really need to turn that around given that I rarely see her (uni stuff)

anyways back to retro stuff, here's a pretty common story

I lended my copy of Super Mario World in 3rd grade (when this game was new) to this one Mexican kid. Pretty nice kid, friendly, but a bit perverted.

So, after the week deadline was up, I asked him where it was. He kept on delaying, and I asked and I asked again and again.

Turns out the little fucker gave it to the 6th grade big bad bully at elementary school because he needed lunch money. I found out because I had put my name on it, and then I see the guy showing it off to everyone at school.

If you're reading this right now, fuck you Juan and fuck you Damian

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why is she getting fatter?

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So ManlyMagicDoomGuy, you planning on releasing a new version?

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