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I've got an old one!
C64 game. The main character was a guy in a Santa hat. The game starts in his house, and he has a time machine.
The point of the game was to take artifacts from different places in time and use them to solve puzzles.
The levels included a stone age level, a ancient Greek level, a colonial american level, a space station, and a void at the end of time to use as an inventory.
This game might have been part of a bundle.

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Do you even think the game would be remotely playable if every fucker with Dimension Door could jump from one side of the map to the other?

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I think it would depend on whether Nintendo would continue to support this device rather than give up on it like Sega did with their Genesis attachments. Also, like the Famicom Disk System and the N64DD, if this thing would ever even leave Japan had it been released. If it was a success, there could be some alternate universe were Sonytendo Domination is actually a real thing.

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Who is the president of video games?

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Snatchers started killing high-ranking people in society and impersonating them because I cooked some delicious hamburgers

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>doom music inspired by metal bands
>openly takes samples from a bunch of famous metal songs but since the composer was a lawyer he knew how much he could get away with it
>not metal

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Help me remember what this game is guys, I can't name it. Here's all the details I remember.

>SNES game
>Protagonist is a yellow clay/goo guy in the shape of a human with sunglasses and I think spikey hair
>You collect CDs
>The game does some really weird rotaty shit as you go up shit sonic style

for the love of god what is this fucking game, I remember it being so hard too. I also remember you do long jumping vaults in this game and the character basically morphs his head into legs and legs into his head when he does a clean arch.

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>base American accent

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I know the first four, but the rest are

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Sprite palette limitations. Also they thought it'd be cool? Why does he have pink hair?

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First timer here. Question.

This probably isn't important, but when you're getting ready to leave Kislev with Elly, Hammer says he has to tell Elly something in private. What does he tell her? I'm a bit farther than that now and it hasn't been revealed yet.

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