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You are disgusting, sir.

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Wow what the fuck are wrong with you guys? I simply forgot to update the copyright notice, just that, all what i do in every version with that readme txt is update the header block and done, been doing that for years and i forgot that i left the Copyright/Permissions block that way.

I wrote that in that way because around 2015 there were "modders" (as in the Grezzo 2 tier guy) that were doing their own shit by picking the models from HM.

And yes, yes i do know i don't own most things which composes Hunter's Moon, but i also do motivate people in putting some effort in learning themselves how to mod for Doom, and not by simply picking from existent ones, that is also one of the issues which unfortunately happens to Realm667 repos, newbie modders just goes around copy-pasting stuff from there even though it is advised to not use them simply as they are.

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Holy fucking shit, i was going to link that on my own but thanks for doing it, anon.

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But... But that one wasn't me!

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