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Alright, Shitterfaggot here.

Make it Tyson and we have a deal.

Hmm. I think that could work.

Isn't that implied, though?

I guess I should have added in the first post that this is supposed to be retardedly difficult.

Any examples of this? Because I'd like to try them out for myself.

Any other ideas/criticisms?

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Good morning /doom/.


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Oh god, that looks bad.

Fine, one life.

If one dies, they will be waiting a LOOONG time to play again. At least with that wad. I'm going through the list Impse posted long ago.

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No, that's casual. But you're having fun, so we give no fucks.

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Thanks for the help guys *cough*.

I got a WDI server going, but I don't know how everything is working well. Got a few people in already.

Server: Digger's House of Dick-Ass Murderers, or something like that.

Pass: Menarche

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Does... does an exact replica of Doom 3 for the Classic Doom engine exist? Talking humans and all?

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>Not staying alert

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Come do some murdin' with us

/vr/tual bois solve a murder mystery

pass: vidya

We're still around. At least I am. I just don't post too often. Missed you too dude.

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Anyone up for some Murdin'?

Come on in.

Pass: vidya

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I actually recorded a full playthrough and compiled it. Just haven't uploaded it. Shall I make it a private video on jewtube for you?

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tfw i dont go to /pol// so i wont get most jokes. o well, here goes nothing.

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There should be something like, I dunno...

A fucking WAD music player, I mean...Some of the songs included in PWADS are pure sex (Hell Revealed for example); with multiple WAD support, playlists, and shit.

Just sayan.

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I'm not. It should be one day out of the week. Like...every Friday night or so.

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So...last night, I had a few dreams. Like any night obviously.

One of them though was nothing more than a weird looking doom .wad. And by that, I can only remember my dream transitioning into a game of doom, into a map I have never seen before.

It was eerie, and very weird looking. Almost like an ancient castle in hell that has been mostly abandoned. Not very gothic looking, but sort of holy. The music I remember playing in the background didn't help either:


And sometimes I was hearing this, but only at brief moments.


Why metroid music, I don't know. Nonetheless, the level was rather long and big. Lots of long and tall, winding and curvy hallways. Not many monsters, but when there were, they were waiting behind doors, as like I was being ambushed. The only weapons I had were shotguns, yet I was fighting barons and cacodemons. It seemed to go on for an hour or so.

One of the weirder things I noticed was Doomguy's face. It was in gray scale And motionless. As the level went on, the face started changing frames. First he opened his mouth, then his eyes went in opposite directions, and it was as if he was frozen screaming. The dream ended when I noticed the faces eyes glowing yellow (like IDDQD).

So...what I am asking of you guys is, should I make this into a wad? I remember it rather vividly. And within a few days I can get some decent screens up.

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>360 controller

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