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Which old wads are worth playing?
Loved Aliens-TC, UAC DEAD was cool.

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>mfw peepeepoomer boards, dw, zdoom forums etc are all complete shit and this place is the only one I can still find interesting free discussion

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Is there a discord community for fans of retro fps games? Or fans or retro pc gaming in general? It would be fun to chat about gaming and maybe make some friends

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Internet personalities were the worst thing to happen to these games.

Blood is "remastered" as everyone's putting it and some Youtubers jump on it to gain a following and then misinformation spreads, because "a Youtuber said this and that so therefor I will say this and that and not have an opinion of my own!" Why don't people actually play games anymore? Instead they watch Youtube videos and claim to know everything about the game, how it plays, the difficulty, the mechanics, and how much they enjoyed it, all without actually playing the game, just by watching a >10min video from some random cookie-cutter fuck on the Internet. Blood plays very similar to Duke and Doom, just that you have to CROUCH and JUMP AROUND a bit to avoid damage, and the enemy attack patterns are more than just hitscan guns and fireballs/projectiles. You can't just blaze through every corner and mow everything down like in Doom, due to every enemies' variable pain chance. A deviation from the norm and it's "the hardest retro FPS ever"?

These games can be played on toasters, so anyone's excuse for not playing through them themselves is invalid. Why make games for the player anymore? Let's just make games that are fun to stream and make monetized Youtube videos about. Who knew this phenomenon would come to these kinds of games?

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>one sixth of the puzzle has been solved
>on the shadow wood
I swear I've seen that text like ten times by now.

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Its a cycle, right now we are in the hyper realistic phase. Give it time, more zany anime style is coming.

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>5 seconds in
>shotgunner steals my kill

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Just beat all Heretic episodes, which class should I go with in Hexen?

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>how compact the DBS pellets are
It's like shooting a fucking fist, this is my fetish holy shit.

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>plunge through it with teeth

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It's brilliant. He has the most ridiculous anatomy I have ever seen, yet I love it.

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>Doesn't want to use recent sourceport [why not faggot?]
>Asks why it doesn't work
>Explain it doesn't work and why, give solution
>see step one

Fuck off.

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I'm even more amazed at the actual quality of these threads. We've been here for I don't even know how many months and we still talk about Doom daily in a somewhat civilized manner.

These threads deserve a "least cringe-worthy general" award or something.

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Guiz, stahp.

For some weird reason, the Doom1 ending theme is playing in my head as I peruse these.

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Why are Pains and Cacos so adorable?

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Good for you nig.

Yeah, Survival is more enjoyable to me. But we all need to keep trying different Megawads as well.

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Is it me or is the Security Officer overpowered as fuck in Samsara SP/co-op

>Play Episodes 2 & 3 of The Ultimate Doom with him on UV
>Both alien weapons overcompensate for his ammo guzzling weapons
>Enemies are not evasive enough to take advantage of his slow bullet travel speeds
>Doom 2 Megasphere gives him 300 Health/Armor
>Wave Motion Cannon destroys a Spider Mastermind in two fully charged hits with the primary, and a few hits with the secondary

I know he's meant to be the high DPS guy and he's completely different to play in Deathmatch, but still at least Ranger's early game is below average and the player has to be careful by not blowing himself up with rockets.

This being said, I might give him a playthrough on Heretic. The first time I tried using Doomguy on UV, I actually had some trouble since ammo was rather scarce and had to use the chainsaw a lot.

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